What others are saying about socialsteph

"Stephanie’s passion for her job and our community not only helped us experience yearly double-digit sales growth, but it also helped us become one of the top-rated Chick-fil-A’s in the Washington Area. Stephanie was a team player who was able to motivate those around her to accomplish whatever goals she set out to accomplish. A true professional." 

Paul Brock | Owner Chick-fil-A Warreneton

"Steph is excellent to work with, she was very good at helping our company leap into this era of Facebook technology. She taught us how to better engage our customers, introduced us to live videos and increase customer views. Thank you for everything." 

Robert Woods | Owner Blackwood Construction

"Stephanie is knowledgeable about her work. She friendly and enthusiastic about helping people through her business. It's more like a calling for her. It was worth every penny. " 

Rebecca Lotane | Director Warrenton Christian Preschool

"Thank you Stephanie for helping us with our social media plan. Your knowledge and confidence shine through. You have given us excellent steps to take. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with social media to give Stephanie a call." 

Sissy Duckworth | Cabling Systems Inc.

 "Stephanie's deep knowledge and intuition were a critical part of our team's success. She was the publicity and social media lead for our team's music festival fundraiser event. We watched as Stephanie's advice and communications pushed community interest quickly from double digits to quadruple digits. Our time changed from reaching out for help to responding to others writing us asking how they could help. The venue hosting the event said it was their best rainy-day business day ever, and the event was so well attended that some of the food vendors ran out of food. We raised more than double our stretch goal. Think of Chief Brody from Jaws: "You're going to need a bigger boat." 

Pete Schoenhoff | Beleighve Fest Fundraiser 

"Stephanie presented a social media seminar to our office of five agents and myself. Very informative and very interesting, showed us how to use it personally and in our business. She is a very effective communicator and really knows social media. If you are looking to expand your knowledge and use of social media I would seriously recommend you talk to Stephanie. 

Butch Zindel |  Owner Rappahannock Real Estate, LLC

More of what others are saying about socialsteph

"Stephanie works wonders! I’m probably the most non computer person ever, but she showed me how to get our Facebook up and running and make it seem so easy. Thanks Stephanie."

Amanda Jenkins | Jenkins Orchards

"Love Social Steph! She is the perfect resource for any business person. This is where marketing is going so let Steph get you on track!" 

Julie Garrett | Rappahannock Real Estate

"Stephanie was a priceless member of the planning team for a recent event, BeLEIGHve Fest. Without her amazing knowledge and go-getting attitude our event would not have reached as many people as it did. She works tirelessly to make sure things are correct and reaches the largest audience possible. She was a huge asset and I look forward to having another opportunity to use her expertise again!"

Rachel Marineau | BeLeighve Fest Fundraiser

"I remember years ago when Stephanie taught me how to do a FB Live video...so much fun! Over the years I have learned a lot of marketing tidbits and promotional techniques about how to promote a business. She has also given some great practical tips to Be the Change Foundation. She's got a helpful attitude and can-do spirit. 

Marianne Clyde | Founder Be the Change Foundation

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