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Author: SocialSteph

Simple Facebook Ads For Your Business

You’ve probably heard, Facebook is making us “Pay to Play” in order to reach our audience. While that is a true statement, you as a business owner should not have any issues with this, you should embrace it, meaning, Facebook has over 2 billion users monthly so chances are your audience is right there in front of you. Your marketing strategy has to include Facebook Ads regardless if you are using print ads and other forms of digital ads.

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How To Have An Effective Facebook Business Page

Create a place for people to meet your business! You have heard it a million times, social media can grow your business! With that said, Facebook seems to make changes on a regular basis. It can be hard to know what to share, what will draw in new customers and what will make your business Facebook page stand out. Keep reading to find out! Why is posting on Facebook for your business such a big deal? BECAUSE – you are able to… Share news and events Develop relationships by networking online Build your brand Become more accessible to readers...

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6 Successful Business Planning Tips for the New Year!

Part of being a business owner includes looking back and reassessing what your year looked like, did it turn out like you planned, did you even have a plan? or what changes are you going to make in order to level up in your business next year? Check off these 6 items for a Successful Marketing and Social Media Business Plan to help you get ahead of 2018. Create a Marketing Plan: Every business regardless of your industry needs a marketing plan. If planning out an entire year brings on anxiety then plan it out quarterly and along the...

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Event Planning 101

I see it all the time. You have a great event planned, you’ve made many decisions and lots of preparations but you leave out a key piece, a very important piece….MARKETING the dang thing the right way!

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How Social is Your Restaurant?

Did you know that restaurants have an advantage on social media? For example, imagine all the mouth watering images you can share. There are so many options! The videos you can use such as Facebook Live or just uploading native videos of you as the chef or your team members preparing meals for the restaurant, what is in that special sauce, live cooking demonstrations and so much more. If you had to choose two platforms to be on my suggestion would be Instagram and Facebook! Instagram is all about sharing those beautiful images especially when they are your own...

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