Are you intimidated by the thought of doing Facebook Ads? Don’t be!

You’ve probably heard, Facebook is making us “Pay to Play” in order to reach our audience. While that is a true statement, you as a business owner should not have any issues with this, you should embrace it, meaning, Facebook has over 2 billion users monthly so chances are your audience is right there in front of you. Your marketing strategy has to include Facebook Ads regardless if you are using print ads and other forms of digital ads.

Facebook is still the king of platforms to use especially when being able to target your exact audience and getting your brand in front of thousands! Depending on your ad spend and targeting, you can reach those people likely to be interested in your product/service or those that are near and around your business location.

Get people to notice your business! You have a lot to offer. Raise awareness with these simple Facebook objectives

Brand Awareness Ads do the following:

  • An introduction to your product or brand
  • Reach more people who are likely to be interested in and remember your ads.
  • NO selling with these ads
  • Improve reach

See this step by step illustration of creating a Brand Awareness ad:








Reach Ads do the following:

  • Promote your business locally and increase sales
  • Reach people around your business location
  • Control your budget and schedule more precisely
  • Drive specific actions with ‘call to action’ buttons
  1. Get Directions – drive foot traffic
  2. Call Now – give a phone number to your store
  3. Send Message – generate leads by letting people send a private message
  4. Learn More – send people to your website or blog
  • Promotions, offers, happy hour or sale – give an incentive to visit your business location
  • Keep it local – tell a story
  • Make a human connection – is there a backstory?

To make this process more fun and less intimidating just think of forming a relationship with your audience, share value, tell your story as people are more likely to purchase from businesses they feel connected to. Check out for more details on ads and step by step instructions.

As always, I am here to help in any way so please feel free to reach out to me on any of my social channels.