Create a place for people to meet your business!

You have heard it a million times, social media can grow your business! With that said, Facebook seems to make changes on a regular basis. It can be hard to know what to share, what will draw in new customers and what will make your business Facebook page stand out. Keep reading to find out!

Why is posting on Facebook for your business such a big deal?

BECAUSE – you are able to…

  • Share news and events
  • Develop relationships by networking online
  • Build your brand
  • Become more accessible to readers
  • Engage and influence
  • Start conversations

Your Facebook business page is your online voice and should represent who you really are in an honest, authentic, and engaging way.

This means that you want to make sure that your about us section is filled out properly. Add hours if you have them, always make sure that your website and phone number are there and make sure to add a call to action button!

It’s also important that your cover photo is the correct size. Little things like this ensure that your business is professional and you know what you’re doing.

If your business is having a Facebook event, make sure that you take advantage of the Facebook Event section on your page.

Here are the best practices for your Facebook event…

  • Invite contacts to your event
  • Tag appropriately
  • Update regularly
  • Add videos
  • Build excitement
  • Co-host
  • Take pictures
  • Share as a post
  • Follow up on the event and say thank you for coming


There are some simple Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to your Facebook business page.

Keep these ones in mind..

  • Be active
  • Make sure your links work correctly
  • Invite people to like your page
  • Reply to reviews
  • Stay consistent
  • Promote your page 
  • Don’t go it alone!

Since video marketing is SO huge on Facebook, it’s important that you try and go Live regularly! Although you may seem scared the first time, just have some key points written down somewhere that you want to talk about. Try and go for over 10 minutes and make sure that your lighting and sound quality is good before you start. Also, make sure that you have a CTA at the end of your video!

Your Facebook page is one of the best ways to help increase your brand awareness. Make sure that you take the time and effort that it deserves. If you are struggling with knowing how to brand your business, think of what 3 things people leave your business with and what do they think of you? This should be a part of your overall strategy.

I love helping businesses utilize Facebook correctly. Contact me today to get started on building an effective Facebook page for your business!