Part of being a business owner includes looking back and reassessing what your year looked like, did it turn out like you planned, did you even have a plan? or what changes are you going to make in order to level up in your business next year?

Check off these 6 items for a Successful Marketing and Social Media Business Plan to help you get ahead of 2018.

    • Create a Marketing Plan: Every business regardless of your industry needs a marketing plan. If planning out an entire year brings on anxiety then plan it out quarterly and along the way adapt and adjust if needed. Part of your plan should include involvement in the community, in-store events, sales, new products etc. Having a plan in place ahead of time can make you feel less stressed and more organized.
    • Incorporate Social Media: Let’s get one thing straight, social media is part of the overall marketing plan in your business and should never operate alone, meaning, your monthly marketing plan needs to incorporate the social side of your business. Social Media is the online voice for your business! A monthly content calendar will keep your marketing and social media goals organized and keeps you focused.
    • Reflection: What worked and what didn’t work this year? Make adjustments to your plan accordingly. You don’t need an entire week to do this but set aside a few uninterrupted hours to really analyze your year. It could really make a difference in what your next steps will be going forward.
    • Expenses: Do you need to trim back on your expenses? Are there things that didn’t help you in your business this year? Is there another system out there that has all the bells and whistles for less and can save you time? If there’s anything that business owners needs it’s more time.
    • Training and Education: School is never out for the pro so if you need to up your game in your industry then take the steps needed to invest in YOU with either a one-day training course, offsite conference or webinar. Could you benefit from the help of a business mentor? I’ve personally enjoyed having a mentor for my business. There’s nothing like having someone cheer you on and hold you accountable.
    • Employees and Customer Service: This could fall under your reflection time but let’s give more thought to your employees, you as a boss and customer service. How well did your team perform last year? Do they need more training or mentoring from you? Are they a good fit for your business? You see, if you have a great product and business model but your team members are not quite up to par, it’s not gonna be a good marriage of the two. I will pay more and or go out of my way to a place where I know I will receive great service. Don’t forget about your social customer service. Respond to those comments and watch for messages on your social media platforms.

I hope this helps you in the upcoming year personally and with your business. One of my passions is to help the small business owner. I’d love to hear your feedback and if I can be of help in your 2018 business plan, please let me know. Sometimes all a business needs is a good brainstorming session and a little kick-start to get things going.

For December and January I have a special that includes a 1-hour marketing and social media brainstorming session with video prep for just $99. I would help you come up with a marketing and social media plan that you’ll feel good about and will have the knowledge to implement going forward.

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