I see it all the time. You have a great event planned, you’ve made many decisions and lots of preparations but you leave out a key piece, a very important piece….MARKETING the dang thing the right way!

One of the best ways to get the word out regarding your event online is Facebook, but it must be done the right way and with intention.

Since Facebook has over 29 billion users monthly it’s safe to say this would be your best option for getting the word out. There are others like Eventbrite but let’s chat about Facebook.

Do these 5 things for effective marketing on Facebook:

  1. Cover Photo: Use an appropriate image representing your event. An event cover photo on Facebook has specific dimensions (1920×1080). Do not use your flyer as a event cover photo, it looks awful. It needs to be eye catching with little to no text on it. Facebook has a variety of images you can choose from if you like or you can upload your own. Use helpful tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to create the right size image.
  2. The About section: Don’t leave this blank! This is where you fill out the details of your event including if I need to RSVP and how. Is this a free event? Is there anything required on my part?  If I need to buy tickets, make sure to put the correct link URL to your website or EventBrite. Make it easy for me so I don’t have to think too much or make too many other clicks.
  3. Facebook Groups: Many towns have community groups, moms groups, things to do around our town groups and such. Find the appropriate one and share your event in the group. Caution! Make sure you read the guidelines before posting in any group. Some groups are Private and promotional posts are not allowed. Even Public groups have guidelines. So please read them before hitting the Share button.
  4. Inviting people: This is a big deal, being able to invite people to your event but please don’t just invite your entire Friends list. I know, it’s easy but trust me, take the time to really think about your event and the interests of your friends. If you’re a business owner, consider Boosting your event for more reach and engagement.
  5. Update your event: One of the most underused features with your Facebook event is updating it regularly. Give me some teasers and I’m more likely to come to your event. Here’s what I mean…post a greeting and or informative video within the event. Let your audience know how much fun they will have, give them details of the event, what to expect when they come. This is also a great way to remind them of your Call To Action, which could be buying tickets, inviting friends, calling your location to RSVP etc. Do you have photos of your venue to show, menu items to entice them with. Engage with your audience, ask them questions within the event. Whatever you do, just don’t create the event and leave it sit there. Check in at least twice a week to update.

I’d love to hear your feedback on what has worked for you and what hasn’t and as always visit me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more Social Media and Marketing tips.