Most companies have a website, however, some businesses are still unaware of how powerful social media can be. When social media is used correctly, it can give your brand the online presence that it needs. It will also gain customer loyalty and sales from an entire new market.

How do I know what to post?

That’s a great question! There is no one-size-fits-all approach when you look at each social media platform. Firstly, not every business should be on every channel. In order to know where you should be posting, think about your target audience. Where do they hang out?

Let’s go over the basics of what type of content you should be posting on each of the social media channels…


It’s important to have a strong and intriguing Facebook post with a graphic along with it. Each post should only be a sentence or two. It is also helpful to ask a question. This helps to generate responses and more engagement.


Since Twitter only allows a limited number of characters per tweet, it’s important to make your sentance catchy and get people interested. I also suggest utilizing hashtags to create conversation with followers.

For example, when I am Tweeting, I use hashtags such as #socialmedia #socialmediatip #SocialSteph


When you post a video on YouTube it allows you to showcase your products and provide additional tips. You can also share testimonials on YouTube as well. I recommend that you add keywords into the titles and also description for each video. You can share the video link onto your social media accounts for an easy and effective post!


Instagram is all about images. Showcase your products, tips, titles of your blogs…the options are limitless! Instagram is a great way to utilize hashtags. You can use tons! This allows followers to find you easier and creates conversation. Make sure that your profile has your website URL too!


Although every business will not be able to utilize Pinterest, many people look to pinterest for inspiration. Post pictures that focus on what can be achieved by using your product. This will entice viewers to purchase it.