Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and let’s get your business on the most dominating force in Social Media – Facebook!

Plain and simple, if you have a business you need a Facebook Page. This Social Media platform is dominating over all others and will not be going away anytime soon. Your marketing plan for 2017 must include a Facebook presence – It’s the social side of your business. What was once a platform for teens to share everything they were doing has now become a means to developing relationships with your business’ targeted audience.

Key things to ask yourself before getting started:

Who is your targeted audience? Know who they are, their behaviors, what their pain points are (their challenges, wants, needs) and start sharing valuable info on your Page that answers questions – making you the ‘thought leader’ in your industry.  It’s really that simple but there needs to be some intentional thought behind it as anyone can throw stuff up on the Facebook wall but it will never stick unless you bring value and build trusting relationships with your audience. In fact, Facebook has made it very clear that if you are sounding too promotional your organic reach will tank. So start building those relationships!

Speaking of promotional! You’ll want to include a small ads budget in your social media plan. Let’s face it, you want to increase sales, right? A small investment could be $50-$100 a month.

You might be saying “my target audience is anyone who wants to buy or sell a house” – nope, not good enough. Are you targeting baby boomers looking for retirement homes? How about Millennials or first time home buyers? What’s the lifestyle of your client? Post relevant info about their lifestyle or behaviors. Share outside of Real Estate news. Be the local expert of your town.

Are you a Lawyer? What kind of a lawyer are you? If I was your targeted audience, what questions might I have? Tell me all I need to know using Facebook Posts, articles to your blog site and run ads pertaining to my needs.

Top 5 things to get you started on setting up your Facebook Business Page:

  1. Cover photo – (828 x 315 cover photo) Profile Photo is typically your company logo (180 x 180)
  2. About section. Include all contact info and hours. Please make sure this is filled out. Don’t make people keep searching for your info.
  3. Call to action button. Call Now, Learn More, Email – you have quite a few options here.
  4. Templates. New to Facebook with default buttons and tabs designed to help your Page. Choose from Standard, Business, Professional Services to name a few
  5. Respond to people. When someone takes the time to comment or review your page, please acknowledge them. No need to write a book but let them know you care.


  • Don’t be too promotional
  • Remember you are building relationships
  • Have a social media plan as part of your marketing
  • Bring value
  • Respond and interact with your audience and you’re golden!

Need more convincing?

In the U.S 79% of all adults who use the internet use Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center. 67% of marketers out there are using Facebook targeted ads. The competition is already strategically planning to use Facebook as a means to increase sales and branding.

Visit Facebook/business/  for more details on how to set up a Facebook Page and even start running ads like a pro.

Next time let’s chat about engaging your audience the right way with thumb stopping images, new apps, videos and Facebook Live!