Marketing used to be simple. It used to combine just a few items such as newspapers, magazines, and radio. Now it involves everything from email blasts to social media campaigns. With the new increase in technology, it is so important for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

Every business is different, and that is why each company should market their business differently. Making your website, social media, and online presence mobile friendly is crucial in today’s world. With over 70% of smartphone users waking up and checking their phone within the first hour, this can make or break your business.

With this new modernized way of marketing, it is important for businesses to tackle social media correctly. Social media is more of an influence on your business. It’s more important now than it ever has been.


The average person spends nearly 2 hours per day on social media.


Facebook is the most widely used channel. With over 1.23 billion people logging in daily, it is no wonder so many companies are learning to utilize it for their marketing strategy. In fact, Facebook is continuing to grow. Over 50 million businesses use a Facebook page to market their business. With that said,


48 million businesses do not use this simple form of advertising.

We understand the importance of advertising on Facebook. Does your company have a great social media presence? If not, you are missing out! I’m ready to help you get the results you are looking for. For more information, contact me today!